You bring out the otaku in me

This is my poem for English. Enjoy. Like. Favorite. Whatever. *reels off a script about liking the video post*

Anyways, what was I saying before I got into self-promoting?

Oh right. My poem. Here it is.

You bring out the otaku in me,

The nerdy hobby, the conventions.

You bring out the obsessive gamer in me, the fangirling writer, the bulk manga reader in me.

Watching massive amounts of anime, buying figurines, attending VA events,

You bring out the anime debater in me.

Yes you do, yes you do.

You bring out the fandom defender in me,

Defending our culture, no matter what.

The cosplays, simple and complex.

You bring out the cosplayer in me.

You bring out the writer in me, the writer’s block and inspiration,

The fangirling praise.

You bring out the daydreamer in me,

Daydreaming about future fanfiction chapters, the intricate fanart.

I’d make fanart for you, if I knew how.

My commission for you,

You bring out the otaku in me.


Apparently, in the Oxford Dictionary, fangirling isn’t a word.

That’s it, I guess.

*continues off of the self-promo script*

Like and favorite, guys! *thumbs up*

I’m deadpanning right now.


The World of Reading

This blog is gonna be an english blog for the time being, so yeah. I don’t know if anyone even reads this blog anyways.

Anyways! For the english post.

Here’s the warm up.

I love reading and all its little perks. I love the feeling and emotion that is put into the books, the readers, the references. Everything. I love how we can feel the characters as if they are real, and how we, the readers can relate to one another. I wouldn’t be able to imagine the world as it is now without reading because it influences everything one way or the other. Worlds where I could read and other people couldn’t are lonely worlds, because I wouldn’t be able to share my feelings with other people and some people might not even be alive, because to some people, books and communities about books have saved them from the monster known as depression. And a world where other people could read but not me? I don’t know where I would be today if I couldn’t read. Certainly not here, of course. I’d be all alone, not being able to write or read. Because reading and writing makes me who I am. Literally. I want to be a writer and do you really think I could become one without reading? I don’t think so. Writing without reading would result in the crappiest book ever. Because, where would they get the inspiration? I wanted to be a writer because of JK Rowling. And she probably got her inspiration from another writer, and so on.

My Social Websites

Hi guys, now that this blog has no educational value, I’m giving out my social media.

Tumblr (Not currently active since it’s blocked on the school computer but you can follow me nevertheless)

Twitter I don’t remember, and don’t care to until I get my phone back, same for Instagram,



Anime Characters Database

Youtube (if you want to watch about 1 video)

Oh yeah…



Anyways, baiiiiii!

Good news!

The blog post project is over, and this blog is now a education free blog! The only times I’ll be able to post is School times, and the reason I cannot do it at home or during the summer is because I won’t have a laptop-maybe, IDK- and something’s messed up with the wifi at home, so yeah. I hope I attracted non school viewers to my blog. I’ll probably, like post every once in a while, I guess. Welp, I’ve got to go and fangirl over  watch England Hetalia.


I’m really lucky…

If you’ve been reading the comments between me and Blanchard Kenfack, you know that I want to cosplay Seychelles. I want to spread the Hetalia fandom. But I also want to go to a Hetalia Day with a cosplay. As you might know, my parents… don’t really like anime. BUT. Hetalia Day is on the 24th, the day before my birthday. If I ask to go to a convention, just because it’s my birthday and my sweet 16-therefore meaning I can have nearly anything I want-, I can ask for a cosplay as a birthday present! I’m REALLY lucky. THANK GOD HETALIA DAY IS NEAR MY BIRTHDAY OTHERWISE I’D BE TOAST.

On a side note, I came into the Harry Potter series and the Septimus Heap series! If you’re a fan of any of them, give me a shout!



So I was listening to my playlist of mostly Hetalia songs, and I saw this in the comment section.

AxisPro 7 months ago
A letter to all Hetalians: ATTENTION! The Hetalia fandom is becoming less and less popular. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN. I want Hetalia to past for years and years to come, like Sailor Moon and Naruto have done! Let’s face it, Hetalia was WAY more popular in 2010-2012. I went to an anime convention recently and there was ONE piece of Hetalia merchandise for sale!! A deck of trading cards. WE MUST KEEP THE FANDOM ALIVE. I know it’s still strong right now, but we’ve gotta take action! Tell your friends about Hetalia! Act mature and friendly at conventions and anime meetups, so that the fandom won’t have such a bad reputation! Try to get your friends into Hetalia! (I promise you, it’s possible! I got my two best friends into Hetalia, and before that they had never seen anime in their lives and thought it was weird!) Anyway, maybe I’m being dramatic about this. But I think we need to bring back the Hetalia craze! If we don’t, the show will end sooner, and in a few years it will be waaay less common to be a Hetalian. SPREAD THE HETALIA LOVE, MY FRIENDS! MAKE PASTA, NOT WAR!
So I thought maybe I could post this on my blog! Because Hetalia’s really a good anime! And I want it to have more fans! Until now, I didn’t know anyone who liked Hetalia! I don’t want it to fade away! So please, introduce your friends to Hetalia if they don’t like it already! And if you don’t like Hetalia, give it a try! 
Also, this was of my own free will and not a blog post for health.

Clever retorts to use!

Normal person: Anime is for children!

Me: Oh really? I dare you to look up School Days Anime.

(I have not watched that anime it is creepy as Russia.😱) (Hetalia reference!)

Normal person: Anime is stupid!

Me: Does it look like I care?

Normal person: Otakus are crazy!

Me: You’re normal. And normal is BORIIIING.

Normal person: Vocaloids are weird!

Me: We can interact with them and make them do whatever we want. Can you do that with (insert currently popular star here) without animating them?

Anyways  I can’t think of any more.